NMS18/873_1 – Treasure Trove Manager

Posted: 01/07/2019 14:30
Salary: £34,151 – £37,136 per annum
Location: National Museum Of Scotland, Chambers Street
Level: Curatorial
Deadline: 17/07/2019 23:59
Hours: 37.00
Benefits: membership of Civil Service pension scheme
Job Type: Permanent

The Treasure Trove system ensures that significant objects from Scotland’s past, which are discovered either by chance find or through organised archaeological fieldwork, are protected for the nation and preserved in museums across Scotland. The Treasure Trove Unit based at National Museums Scotland is responsible for the operation of the system for the benefit of all Scottish museums, and is the first port of call for new discoveries and finders.

Based at the National Museum of Scotland, this permanent, full-time post will manage and develop the work of the Treasure Trove Unit, providing advice and support to the Queen’s & Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer and the Scottish Archaeological Finds Allocation Panel on all Treasure Trove matters in Scotland.

With a post-graduate qualification in an archaeology-related subject or equivalent experience, a demonstrable knowledge of best practice in archaeology and collections management, and specialist curatorial knowledge of artefacts passing through the system, you will implement effective processes relating to finds of archaeological material in Scotland. With your knowledge of UK and other treasure systems, and your understanding of the Scottish archaeological sector, you will promote best practice in the recovery, reporting and recording of finds through outreach initiatives and events, and develop positive relationships through the museum, archaeological, heritage and metal-detecting sectors. With excellent communication and creative thinking skills you will liaise with stakeholder organisations and contribute to the development of strategy and policy to enhance the efficiency and visibility of Treasure Trove.

Follow the link for the full recruitment pack and to apply: https://vacancies.nms.ac.uk/VacancyDetails.aspx?FromSearch=True&MenuID=&VacancyID=261

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Treasure Trove Unit

The role of Treasure Trove is to ensure that objects of cultural significance from Scotland’s past are protected for the benefit of the nation and preserved in museums across the country.

Treasure Trove is based on the principles of the Scots common law bona vacantia (ownerless goods). The Treasure Act (1996) does not apply in Scotland.

In Scotland, any ownerless objects found by chance or through activities such as metal-detecting, field-walking, or archaeological excavation become the property of the Crown and therefore may be claimed as treasure trove.

With the exception of modern objects, e.g. Victorian coins and machinery fragments, etc., any object considered to be significant, regardless of its age or composition, may be claimed as treasure by the Crown.

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